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The services of a real village and the Romagna hospitality of Gatteo Mare
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6 Hotels, a big family since 1952

Gobbi Hotels comprises 6 hotels and 4 service/ leisure facilities (Hotel Plaza, Hotel Francesca, Hotel Baky, Hotel Sant’Andrea, Hotel Raffaello, Hotel Villa Carmen, Bagno Lisa no.11 private beach, Marco Sport 10,000 m2 private park, Acquapark water park and Melania Club private venue), all owned by the same proprietor and located in the resort of Gatteo Mare, a small but welcoming village on the coast of the Riviera of Romagna, 3 km as the crow flies from the promenade and the bicycle path from Cesenatico (we’re half way between Rimini and Ravenna)!

Gatteo Mare is a delightful little coastal village that’s ideal for getting around on foot (given the concentration of families with children, in the evening it’s almost entirely pedestrian!). The Gobbi Hotel Group is all right here!

Our facilities are all close to each other and can be reached in just a few minutes on foot, but you have to move around.

Just like in any holiday village (which we were inspired by), the various facilities are not all in the hotel, the Gobbi Hotels facilities are all within a radius of 300 meters.


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