5 hotels, one big family since 1952

Gobbi Hotels comprises 5 hotels (four 3-star hotels and one 2-star) and 4 leisure facilities, which came from the idea of offering something different to those planning a holiday with family, friends or in a couple on the welcoming Riviera of Romagna, inspired by the “all-inclusive” offers of foreign holiday villages.

The family behind this project (that is still the leading force) is the Gobbi family, whose members are Fabrizio, the head of the family, Alberta, because behind every great man there’s a great woman and Melania and Matteo, the future…
Each one of us has unique characteristics that enhance the work we carry out within this reality, but what really unites us however, is a great passion for what we do.

But to us, “family” means so much more… in the heat of the season it can be difficult to stay united, one of the qualities that has become our hallmark is our ability to create an “extended family”, so that whoever collaborates with us becomes a part of it, both while they work for us and beyond.

This is a great added value, which means that those who work with us can bring their own personality, kindness, determination or friendliness and give that something extra that only comes from the spontaneity you feel when you are part of a family.

The warmth and friendliness with which our 3- star and 2-star hotels are run is undoubtedly our greatest strength! Our desire is to always make you feel welcome, pampered as if you were at home, with the chance to enjoy an experience if you want to, that is not limited to the holiday, but that brings with it lots of new friendships, experiences and memories.

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